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Being a fashion brand and retail store ourselves, we acknowledge our responsibility, when it comes to the environmental issues that clothing production causes

That’s why we feel we should be the ones to take action, and spark a conservation about what future solutions could look like, when it comes to maintaining your online fashion creativity.

Why are you doing this?

Except for the obvious part: the environmental aspect - we are also aware of trends. Everything is digitizing. The gaming world is already in full bloom, digital influencers and models alike. Why shouldn’t there be a digital clothing collection? With this project, we wish to challenge ourselves and the entire industry into taking the next step. We really believe it’s an interesting issue to address – do all clothes need to be physical?

How can you claim that clothing production is harming the environment, when you produce clothes yourselves?

Wearing clothes is inevitable. That’s why we are creating them with as much sustainability as we can. The digital collection is just a new way of continually expressing your creativity without having to constantly buy new clothes, that have been produced in real life.

Why should I spend money on something I’ll never wear in real life?

Today’s fashion is for a large part dictated online. It’s by far where you have the most exposure. This is why we want to give you the opportunity to keep expressing your style online, without leaving a negative footprint on the world. We also notice a gap in the market, where the most fun products are the most difficult to buy, due to them being either too crazy or too expensive, oftentimes both. By digitizing these products, we also make fashion more affordable.

Do you really think you are solving production waste with digital clothing?

Our growing sustainable solutions for our real clothes are the first steps towards helping the environment. The digital collection is an experiment meant to spark the conversation about how we can reduce real production waste in the future.

Can I wear the clothes in a video?

Not at the moment. For now the clothes can only be worn on pictures.

Can you return digital clothes from the digital collection?

Due to the digital nature of the product we are unable to refund you as you already own a copy of the product. If you are unsatisfied with your image you can contact, with your photo attached and an explanation of the problem. Our team will evaluate if the problem is based on a manufacturing flaw. If that is the case you will get your reworked image sent back ready to be shared on a platform of your choice. If our evaluation results are that the image is up to our standards, we will not rework the image.

Can you wear the same item in various pictures?

No, you can only wear the item on the picture you choose to upload when buying it. But you can wear the same outfit in different pictures, if you buy the item multiple times and upload different pictures each time.

What happens if I upload a picture that is not approved?

If we don’t approve your image, we send it back to you with a response regarding why we are unable to use the photo, and instructions on how to send a new image that we can approve.

Can I send the same image for different items?

Yes, if you want to wear different items on the same image, you just upload that image every time you buy an item. Just note that the image has to fit the guidelines for the product you choose.

Can I receive a physical product after my purchase?

No you can not, this is a digital collection. It only exists in digital space.

Why have you chosen WaterAid as a partner?

We are lucky to live where we live, where the water quality is of the best in the world. However, this is not the majority of the world, especially the countries in which our clothing production takes place. This is why we have chosen to support WaterAid and their extremely important work, providing better water for everyone.


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An international non-profit organization that works in 34 countries, with the goal to provide clean water, sanitation and good hygiene facilities for everyone. Something WaterAid has been able provide to 26.8 million people since 1981 with the help of people like you. For more information, visit

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